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The "prepress" services at Two Brothers Press include manuscript editing and developmental editing. See "Evaluations" for what is included in manuscript editing.

What does "Prepress" mean?
Strictly speaking, "prepress" means anything related to preparing a final manuscript that can be submitted to an agent, publisher, or other entity as a final product, ready for typesetting. Now, understand that if a manuscript is accepted by an agent and the agent markets it to a traditional publisher, such a publsher will probably further edit the book and will probably not consult you, the author, on technical changes. They will probably also want you to change things in the book having to do with content that their team feels will make the book more saleable. If the work is to be self-published through a company that takes on such clients, the book will go directly to typesetting, converted from MS Word (or other software) into a final .pdf format for the print run. Again, POD and other such companies also offer editing services, but you can decline these fee-based, in-house services and opt only to purchase book conversion-to-typset for a much more reasonable fee.

Our Prepess services
trackchangesWith Two Brothers Press, we offer various types of editing, depending upon the evaluations we have performed prior to signing a contract with the author. We consult with the author (unlike a traditional publishing company) and leave final editorial choices up to the writer. Why? Because even though we offer and perform industry-standard editing (usually based on The Chicago Manual of Style, we feel our job ends with preparing a typeset-ready manuscript.

As is shown in the image to the right, like most other editing services, including in-house editing, we use the "track changes" function in software writing programs like MS Word to indicate deletions, additions, and margin comments. The visual effect is scary and messy, but writers will be guided through the process of accepting and rejecting editorial changes. There is no need to go through the detailed instructions here. We rarely edit hard-copy manuscript pages, but we do offer that service to writers who simply cannot operate the track changes function. There are additional costs associated with hand-done editing, however, because the entire process is slowed down. Some of us have said reluctant good-byes to pre-computer and pre-electronic processing, but be aware that very few books are truly typeset by hand anymore, and those that are done by hand is considered an art. Printing presses are also now universally electronic and hum rather than creak and clack.

We also offer guidance in finding resources for conversion to typeset books, because some companies, like Lightning Source, only accept typeset documents with a book block and print-ready cover design.

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