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We are a prepress company dedicated to helping writers with their pre-publication homework.

We evaluate and edit manuscripts for publication. This means that writers can confidently submit a  polished manuscript to agents, publishers, and self-publishing companies, without worrying about add-on editing services fees. Writers should always consider having a disinterested third party perform this final service before the manuscript is sent to an agent or publisher, or before it is uploaded to an online (print-on-demand) publisher like iUniverse, CreateSpace, Xlibris, Authorhouse, Booklocker, etc. While these POD companies provide editorial services as part of their publishing packages, a comparison of costs to the writer reveals that their pricing is consistently more expensive than what Two Brothers Press charges. Writers should realize that self-publishing companies are not always just in the business of publishing books but in also earning revenue from writers with their expanded list of services. The problem is that they have to charge more for these services because they have to pay their editors, as well as themselves. This additional revenue stream often overrides their interest in selling books.

Two Brothers Press edits manuscripts. There is no additional cost associated with this editing. We do not earn money as administrators as well as paying editors. Our editors are vetted and they earn what is charged for the services we offer. There is no additional add-on costs as a result. Nor are we an editing factory with hundreds of editors assigned to writers without divulging who they are. Here, writers know exactly who they are working with and can develop a one-on-one relationship with an editor, just as they will in a traditional publshing house. The only difference is that we are not a book publishing company but rather a pre-publishing company, the experts, the third set of eyes writers need before submitting their work.

Two Brothers press also evaluates manuscripts for publishing worthiness. This is a low-fee service that will readily indicate to the writer whether he/she is at the manuscript editing step, or whether the work needs additional developmental work before it is edited. This evaluation is not a judgment about whether a work is  good  or whether it will sell well in the market place. We evaluate a work on its internal merits. If it is a work of fiction, is there a strong plot, realistic character development, relevant and realistic dialog, adherence to point of view, sensible organization? If it is a work of non-fiction, is there a clear statement as to the purpose for the work, is the material organized in an accessible manner, is it coherent, is there enough background information to allow readers to understand the writer's development structure?

We do not evaluate or edit poetry. We do not edit short stories, unless they are in a completed, book-length collection. And we do not edit college papers, theses, or dissertations.

The members of our editorial staff have degrees in technical writing and literature and experience in technical writing, fiction and non-fiction writing, professional editing, and in feature article writing for magazines. This varied background allows us to make strong suggestions for the improvement of manuscripts prior to being submitted to publishers and agents.

We use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, for all editorial questions. But—especially in works of fiction—we understand and agree with writers when they want to flout tradition for good reason. Editing factories on the other hand are ill-prepared to allow writers to go off the rails regarding absolute adherence to a style manual. Editing factories are the fast-food chains of the publishing industry, where you cannot build your own burger. You get special sauce, pickles, and onions, whether you want it or not. We also consult the Associated Press Style Guide. While it is true that most publishers adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style, writers should be the final arbiters for their own reasons for stepping out of a restrictive set of rules when it serves their art.

Two Brothers Press has also published a small number of books and in the future we will be expanding this list. Check the submissions page for updates.

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