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There are two ways to pay for our services...

  • Personal check or money order in U.S.D.** (Provisions can be made for clients to use this option.)
  • Paypalpaypal
**Editing will not begin until personal checks clear the bank. This will add time to the delivery date of the services.

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How do I Submit my manuscript for the free 10-page evaluation?

If I want an editorial evaluation of my entire manuscript, what does this mean and how much will it cost?

Two Brothers Press offers a variety of writers' tips that will make a novel more readable, interesting, vivid, and appealing:

Dialog: The elements and art of dialog in fiction

Description: The red meat of writing

Narrative Voice in storytelling: a discussion of point of view and verb tense and how these elements affect the story

Fastest Gun in the West: writers often assume readers will fill in the details

Freelance Pitfalls: Editors beware of disturbed writers; writers beware of editors with an attitude

Novel Openings: Creating compelling openings for novels

Flashbacks: Hey, who's in here with me? This is my flashback

Word Oddities: Is it Bring or Take? It depends on the destination

Look for additional writers' tips coming soon.

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Two Brothers Press Services Pricing

How Pricing is determined for editorial evaluations...
An "editorial evaluation" is a formal process for determining the quality of a manuscript to see if it is ready to submit to an agent or publisher, or even to self-publish it. There is a one-time fee based on word count of $0.0025/word. For example, if a manuscript is 60,000 words long (the typical length of a good mystery novel), the one-time fee of $150 will be charged. For a novel or book of 100,000 words, the fee would be $250 (100,000 words times $0.0025/per word).

How Pricing is determined for Basic Copyediting and Comprehensive Copyeditng...

The Two Brothers Press pricing structure for high-quality editing is simple. There are only two levels of pricing. After the free 10-page editorial evaluation by Two Brothers Press, a determination is made whether the manuscript needs a basic copyedit (light syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation) or a comprehensive copyedit (everything a basic copyedit consists of, in addition to a greater degree of work on description, character development, plot, point of view, etc.). The determination for a comprehensive edit will be indicated by the 10-page assessment, as well as a closer look at the rest of the manuscript; we therefore require that the entire manuscript be sent, so that we can look at the rest of the manuscript for the comprehensive elements.

The basic copyedit is $0.009 per word. If the writer and Two Brothers Press agree that this will be the level of edit, our editors will not make suggestions on plot, characterization, dialog, point of view, etc. And the manuscript will be edited one time.

The comprehensive copyedit is $0.018 per word. This includes the basic copyedit and all the elements of the contents and structure edit described in Evaluations. Once the author has had a chance to review and otherwise accept the suggested edits, along with making light revisions (based on our editing suggestions), a second edit will be performed with no further cost.

We charge by the manuscript word count, rather than by the page or by the hour. Independent tracking verification of work by the hour is tenuous at best. The writer should ask, "How do I really know the editor spent forty, sixty, or eighty hours on my manuscript?" In turn, the editor should  ask, "How can I possibly calculate how many hours this manuscript will take for me to perform the editing? What if I contract for forty hours of work and it takes me eighty hours?"

It is therefore easy to calculate exactly what the costs will be using the word-count method. For example, the usual length of a mystery novel is 60,000 words. Below are the two choices of edit based on that word count.

$0.009 x 60,000 words = $540 (basic copyedit)
$0.018 x 60,000 words = $1,080 (comprehensive copyedit)

How and when to pay...

When you have sent your manuscript and it has been evaluated (the first 10 pages thoroughly edited) and you decide you would like to have Two Brothers Press edit your entire manuscript, you will be sent an email directing you to choose the appropriate item that reflects the charge based on the word count.
As with most other editing services on the market, Two Brothers Press is paid for the service before editing commences.

The contract for editing services is implied by the payment of the services, but a formal contract can be executed. Here is a sample of the Two Brothers Press contract.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is import to us. We do not share your name, email, phone numbers, or your manuscript with anyone. Your work is automatically copyrighted as soon as you've written it, but when you send your manuscript to us be sure to include "Copyright by...(your name)" on the first page of the manuscript. We do not collect or store personal data about you on this site: hence it is not accessible to any third party. We do not store cookies. We do not contact you with updates to this site, nor ask that you sign up or log in or create an account.

Customer Service Contact:
You can email us or call (575) 639-2029 in the U.S. and Canada between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern time. Outside the US and Canada, email first.

Terms and Conditions (summary):
Only complete manuscripts are accepted for editing services. Two Brothers Press automatically edits the first ten pages without cost to determine the type of edit, either basic or comprehensive, to be performed. Only when the writer agrees with the assessment and fees have been paid will work commence. Although the contract is implied (most writers do not request a written contract), Two Brothers Press has a contract that can be signed by both parties. Payment of fees, based solely on word count is conducted, and as soon as payment is secured, Two Brothers Press will edit the manuscript within the specified time as agreed. If, after work commences, the author wishes to stop the editing, only the fees for the unedited portion will be refunded. (See Contract for more details.)

Order Fulfillment:
Items in this "store" are services and, as such, services will be fulfilled in the following manner.
Manuscripts requiring only the basic edit will be completed as follows:
Manuscripts up to and including 20,000 words will take four working week days.
Manuscripts between 20,000 and 40,000 words will take six working week days.
Manuscripts between 40,000 and 60,000 words will take eight working week days.
Manuscripts between 60,000 and 80,000 words will take ten working week days.
Manuscripts between 80,000 and 100,000 words will take fourteen working week days.

Manuscripts requiring the basic edits, plus comprehensive elements (see description below) will take twice as long, per the same word count as in the list above.

If for any reason, the author decides to make changes, or the editor has to have questions answered of the author, any delays in the fulfillment time will be factored into the process.

The order is said to be in default by the editor, if the work is not completed within the time frame above (without changes or delays from changes the author makes), and a prorated refund will be due the author for each day the order is delayed. The editor is not responsible for delays caused by internet connections out of his/her control, or if the author does not check his/her email for the editing files. The dates appearing on the email will be used for verification purposes.

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