TBP-Logo Manuscript Submission Requirements of Two Brothers Press
Manuscripts submitted to Two Brothers Press should strictly adhere to the following formats and file types. Only electronic submissions, please, as an attachment in an email to editor. Further, when you submit a manuscript to be considered for copyediting, submit the entire manuscript. We will perform a free copy-edit on the first 10 pages. We are not in the business, however, of test-editing for writers. That means that we will not edit 10 pages of your manuscript without receiving the ENTIRE manuscript. There are no exceptions to this procedure.

  1. Word (.doc). Because Two Brothers Press uses the track changes function in Word as the way to indicate edits to a document, it will be necessary for the writer to both submit work  as a Word file and be able to read a Word file after it has been edited. MS Word is ubiquitous enough that most writers should not have a problem with this.
  2. The text document must have one-inch margins top, bottom, left, right.
  3. Single-spaced or double-spaced lines.
  4. No blank lines between paragraphs, except where there is a change in point of view, passage of time, or other such transition that needs a visual cue.
  5. All paragraphs should be indented using the tab function—not with the spacebar.
  6. Text should have flush left margins and ragged right margins. Since most computer fonts are now proportionally spaced, a left and right justified margin setting often creates what appear to be extra spaces between some words in a line of text. With a ragged right margin, the false spaces disappear.
  7. There should be no excessive header and footer detail. At most the header can contain the name of the book or author's name; the footer should contain only page numbers.
  8. Use a minimum of special formatting. Don't try to submit a manuscript formatted the way it will appear in book form. The formatting functions and tools of Word or other word processing software do not carry over consistently when the document is prepped for printing software.
Any manuscript that does not adhere to these requirements will be returned.
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